If you’re redecorating a space or have recently moved and want to make it your own, choosing the right lighting is not an easy decision. With multiple factors to consider such as purpose, space, and natural lighting, use our 8 tips to help make your decision easier. 

1.Measure your space

Before designing any room, it’s always helpful to create a mood board or some basic sketches to help pull everything together and create a stunning visual. This way you can play around with ideas without creating holes in ceilings and walls.

Measuring your space will help you to determine the size and weight of your fixture. A lighter fixture would look better sized up, or contrastingly if it’s dark and large, sizing down might be a better option. 

2.Architectural or Decorative Fixtures?

Different types of lighting serve different functions. This is key to remember when choosing a fixture. For a cosier vibe, you’d be better off choosing floor lamps for a warm ambience, which suits reading, gaming, or gatherings. The right lighting can make all the difference in your home which is why chandeliers are a good option for giving an overall glow to a dull room.

3.Take your lighting to new levels

Levels of lighting are an important aspect of a room because it eliminates dark areas and creates an inviting atmosphere. The different levels create a snug, warm feel as opposed to a harsh, clinical on

4.Consider the purpose of your room

Dimming your lights is a simple way to adjust moods and feelings in the space. A dimmer can change how light affects an area, allowing you more options for using it as needed or desired. For example, in a kitchen, whether it’s relaxing after work, cooking dinner for the family, or hosting friends, you can control the mood of the room with the touch of a button. 

5.Will it be a statement piece?

Not every room needs a statement piece in the form of a light fixture. Think about what you want the focal point of the room to be on and whether the room would lose all personality without the light. Again be aware of the weight and size. 

6.Aesthetics are everything

Lighting can dictate the mood and feeling of a room which is why you must pick the correct light to tie a room together. Create a striking visual to fit the theme of the room and accentuate colours or textures. 

7.Think BIG

A small fixture can often feel like an afterthought in a room-instead of giving it a purpose. So when designing a room, go big or go home. Make the most out of your space by filling it with a gorgeous chandelier or spread the light by choosing multiple fixtures to balance the equilibrium of a room. 

8.(Sometimes) Less Is More

Sometimes a room can’t handle a large fixture and can leave a room feeling too busy and crowded. A simple solution is to offer lighting in the form of smaller pendants or sconces, or even a tall floor lamp to centralise the light in one area. 

If you’d like help installing a statement piece chandelier into your home or commercial space, send us a message and we’d gladly be of assistance. Check out our full list of services.