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chandelier specialists for over 100 years

Elite Chandelier Services has been providing a professional chandelier cleaning service since 1910 and are proud to be one of the longest established companies of chandelier, brass cleaners, and restorers in the world.

  • 1910 image

    In the beginning...

    My great grandfather (Albert Ernest Nelson) worked in a glass factory in East Belfast, He gave his son (My grandad; James William Nelson) the idea of going to stately homes to clean the chandeliers.

    So he did and the company Elite Crystal Services was born.

  • 1933_image

    Growth of our business..

    During this time Elite Crystal Services went from strength to strength employing more people gaining more clients than ever. We saw unprecedented growth as our small business was suddenly in high demand.

  • 1957 image

    Inspired by my grandfathers stories

    When I was 5 my grandad would tell me the stories of visiting the stately homes and grand manor houses all over Ireland.

    This inspired me to want to learn the trade to continue our chandelier cleaning company.

  • 1966 outside-theatre

    Learning a trade at a young age

    At 14 I went on my first chandelier cleaning job at a large country manor house, this only went to increase my enthusiasm for our chandelier business.

    The sight of that large manor house was enough to keep me inspired for a lifetime.

  • 1968_image

    Renaming the Company

    I took over the family business Elite Crystal Services and decided to rebrand giving the company a more descriptive name; Elite Chandelier Services.

  • 1973_image

    now in London

    On the 26th September I brought Elite to London where with all our chandelier knowledge and experience, expanded our services to load testing, installation, winch systems and restoration.

  • 1979 image

    Gaining Life Long Contracts

    One of the many contracts is the Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly; all chandeliers were cleaned and restored throughout the five floors to this day.

  • 1986_image

    Growing and training staff

    Our fully trained staff cleaned and restored chandeliers in thousands of private residents, stately homes, Manors, government builds, ships and others

  • 2016_image

    The Rebrand

    I rebranded Elite, bringing it into the 21st century and keeping all our history.

    With the centuries of past down knowledge we continue to grow and provide the best possible service getting the best results every time.