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Specialist Crystal Chandelier cleaning services

Your beautiful chandelier hangs there for a reason:  To Dazzle!

Whether you require a deep clean or more surface cleaning, trust that your prized chandelier will be handled with care by our team of chandelier experts; trained electricians and technical restorers. 

If the chandelier crystal or glass pieces look glazed, have spots on them and no longer reflect light as they used to, or the chandelier fitting is looking dull, it’s time to get them cleaned. 

How often does my chandelier need cleaning?

The frequency of chandelier cleaning depends on certain factors such as the chandeliers age, shape, size, height and location. Our friendly team are able to offer expert advice on the ideal cleaning intervals for your chandelier.

Along side cleaning services we can also provide a chandelier electrical testing service to make sure your lighting is in perfect condition.


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Why use Elite Chandeliers cleaning service?

Our cleaning services are carried out by expert handlers, you can trust us with your prized lighting. We strive to ensure your installation is clean and sparkling following a visit from our team.

Our friendly team have been cleaning chandeliers for over 100 years, they know there is lots involved when it comes to cleaning your chandelier and we pride ourselves on not cutting corners. As experts in the industry we can also combine our other services such as Load testing and installation and removal, all alongside our cleaning service.

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“Thank you for your urgent and prompt response to remove all old winches and cable and replace at such short notice. First class job. Thank you Albert and team. Look forward to working with you again”

Ian – Building manager – Supreme Court Of United Kingdom, London

“Dear Albert, please thank your staff for such a beautiful job done in such a short time scale. Looking forwards to seeing you next year”

Anne  – House Management
Private Residence, Hampstead London

chandelier winch in action | chandelier lifting in kent and london

“Thank you for such beautiful work, we realised how difficult the lanterns were to get to.  Your staff are so efficient and precise as well as very polite and helpful”

Holland Park