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UK Chandelier Winch System Service

A chandelier winch system allows your chandelier to be easily lowered, lifted and adjusted by a wire rope, giving you easy access to your chandelier for cleaning, light bulb changing and repairs.

This eliminates the need for using hazardous ladders and expensive scaffolding when maintaining and servicing chandeliers.

This system affords you convenience, safety and peace of mind.

We are up-to-date and compliant with the Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations under the Health and Safety Executive (UK).

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“Thank you for your urgent and prompt response to remove all old winches and cable and replace at such short notice. First class job. Thank you Albert and team. Look forward to working with you again”

Ian – Building manager – Supreme Court Of United Kingdom, London

“Dear Albert, please thank your staff for such a beautiful job done in such a short time scale. Looking forwards to seeing you next year”

Anne  РHouse Management
Private Residence, Hampstead London

chandelier at height

“Thank you for such beautiful work, we realised how difficult the lanterns were to get to.¬† Your staff are so efficient and precise as well as very polite and helpful”

Holland Park