What is a chandelier winch?

Chandelier winches make light bulb changing and cleaning of chandeliers an easy and safe task, especially when chandeliers are at an extreme or great height.

Usually operated by remote control, the winch is able to safely lower and raise the chandelier at a controlled speed for easy access.

chandelier at height

What does a chandelier winch look like?

You may have in mind a great pulley system which would be a bit of an eyesore, in actual fact most chandelier winches and chandelier winch systems are created in a simple, compact design.

In most cases, the chandelier lift does not stand out and provides safe access equipment whilst merging into your decor.

chandelier winch system in action by elitechandelier.com

How does a chandelier winch work?

Mounted to the ceiling the small device contains a compact motor which allows a steel wire rope to be lowered and raised. This makes it easier to reach your chandelier and avoids costly scaffolding.

All winches have a built in cut off safety mechanism which functions in the event of a power failure. The systems will also cut off the power supply when lowering the chandelier for increased safety.

Why might I need a chandelier winch system?

If you have recently acquired a property with a large chandelier or chandelier at ceiling extreme height, this sort of lighting installation will require regular cleaning and maintenance. A Chandelier winch system affords you convenience, safety and peace of mind. 

The key benefits of having a chandelier winch are:

  • No need for expensive scaffolding
  • A winch system has to meet lifting equipment regulations so you can be sure of safety
  • easy to change a light fitting or check for damage
  • safer access for your maintenance
  • lower your chandelier to the flow for cleaning by your cleaning service
  • No complicated operating, all powered by remote control

How do you fit a chandelier winch?

You will need a specialist company to install your chandelier lighting winch, Elite chandeliers are up-to-date and compliant with the Lifting Equipment Regulations under the Health and Safety Executive (UK). We are also able to provide, Chandelier Cleaning, Restoration and Chandelier load testing. For more information or to request a quote for any of our services please contact us on 0208 442 9119