Chandeliers have been an elegant way of lighting our homes for centuries. They can add drama to a room or in more contemporary styles, can enhance the aesthetic. When purchasing a chandelier, people can often think that the cost ends after the installation. However, that is where you’re mistaken.

Crystal and glass chandeliers need to be cleaned at least once a year to maintain their glamour. But we’ve found a lot of people are asking themselves whether or not they actually need to get their chandelier cleaned? We would definitely advise using our professional cleaning service and we’re going to explain why. 

Large crystal chandelier at the reception of a luxury hotel.

Location of Chandelier

If you live in a larger property, chances are that the chandeliers are quite high up. In some cases you may even have a large chandelier which hangs down the middle of your staircase. In these instances it might be worth asking if it’s worth the risk to your health. Professional chandelier cleaners are trained to clean at heights but also know how to bring the chandelier down with the right equipment to prevent breakage. You can know that your chandelier has been cleaned to the highest standard with proper safety precautions taken.

Products and Experience

We want your chandelier to last as long as possible. The oldest chandelier in the world is from the 11th century and most of the chandeliers you see in older retailers are at least 100 years old! With the right care, your chandelier can last a very long time. This means using the right cleaning products to prevent corrosion and handling the chandelier to prevent warping or damage. 


Cleaning a chandelier may seem like a task you can do, but depending on your chandelier, it can be incredibly time consuming! If you have a more traditional style of chandelier, then to clean it you’ll need to take each crystal and polish it individually. You’ll also need to know how to possibly remove some parts of the chandelier to clean them and all sorts of other things.

You’re a very busy person and probably don’t have the hours to waste that it takes to properly clean and polish a chandelier. 

chandelier cleaning

Electrical Safety

Odds are that your chandelier runs on electricity. You’ll want to make sure that whoever is cleaning or handling your chandelier knows what they’re doing. At Elite, our expert team has been installing and cleaning chandeliers for over 100 years. Your chandelier will be handled by electricians and chandelier restorers, let you rest safe that we’re doing everything possible to protect your chandelier.

In short, it’s best to get a professional cleaner to come and maintain your chandelier. Not only for your safety but also to save you time and make sure that your chandelier is maintained correctly. You can check out our chandelier cleaning services here. Or contact us if you have any questions.