It’s hard not to be drawn into the beauty of a chandelier when looking at them. But are you aware of the price you would have to pay to own a beguiling centrepiece like these? In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most famous and most expensive chandeliers in the world.

Givenchy Royal Hanover

photo by Meisterdrucke

Designed in 1736 by William Kent, an eminent English architect, and furniture designer of the early 18th century, this chandelier is truly something to behold. Whilst only costing £5,753,250 at the time, this statement piece is now estimated to be worth £2.6 – 3.6bn. This remains the world’s most expensive chandelier ever sold. Commissioned by King George II of Great Britain and Elector of Hanover for his palace in Hanover. Decorated with silver acanthus, lion paws, and putti all surmounted by the royal crown with orb and cross above, this is truly fit for a king. The motifs embellishing this piece are both representatives of immortality and spirituality. 

Gilt bronze cut-glass chandelier from the collection of Baron de Rede

photo by Success Story

In second place comes another royal heirloom, the rock crystal, set in gilt, bronze Louis XV 32-light chandelier, from the collection of Baron de Rede’s Hotel Lambert residence. Baron de Rede was a famous pompadour in French society that filled his home with art and luxury antiques. In March 2005, pieces from this estate at the Hotel Lambert were sold by Sotheby’s Paris. This more contemporary chandelier was sold at an incredible $1.7m, though it was estimated to be between $1.3 – $2.7m. For some contemporary chandelier inspiration, check out our guide on contemporary Vs antique chandeliers.

Napoleon’s Imperial Chandelier

photo by Architectural Digest

Another royal chandelier is Napoleon’s Imperial Chandelier. The grandeur of this chandelier is unparalleled. This Chandelier is said to be designed and made by the furniture supplier of Emperor Napoleon at the possible request of the Emperor himself. This beautiful piece of art leaves no chance of being extravagant which is said to be ironic looking at the revolutionary ideals of Napoleon. The intricate and beautiful work of art is said to have been created around 1812. It sold at $1.3 million in London during an auction by Sotheby’s. Featuring a more unique design with a less commonly seen shape, this chandelier is more horizontal than circular in its structure. The body is a three-tiered masterpiece. At the bottom level, an elegant crystal bowl that supports six delicate pillars holding up two more levels of magnificent crystals above it!

Zenith Chandelier

photo by Baccarat

The most expensive production by Baccarat is the original Zenith. The Zenith collection is a series of components with the sovereign of the series on display in the Palazzo Morando in Milan. The clear crystal chandelier is available with 8, 12, 18, and 25 lights, each one mimicking a traditional candle. The intricate design of this piece is a sight to behold. It has spikes, prisms, octagons, and scrolling that make up its shape making for an interesting yet sleek look in any setting. Surprisingly this is one of the more affordable chandeliers and one of these would only set you back £56,500!

Russian Orolu and cut-glass chandelier

photo by Success Story

The Ormolu 32 Lights Chandelier was sold for $691,442 at Christie’s Paris auction, qualifying itself as one of the most expensive chandeliers around the world. It is speculated that this chandelier was made around 1800 in Paris. 

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With the amount of detail and intricacy in each design, they deserve to be observed by all. It’s difficult not to admire the sheer effort poured into each splendid chandelier. If we have inspired you to install a chandelier, contact a member of our team today.