Chandeliers come in many varieties. Crystal, glass, tiered, teardrop, antler and so many more and the last thing you want is to damage your beautiful, newly installed chandelier. Cleaning a chandelier can be a lot more labour intensive and delicate work than people initially realise and when you get tired, mistakes are easy to make. Professional chandelier cleaners will make sure there’s no dust or grime, can replace broken/blown bulbs and make sure your chandelier continues to glow and sparkle. We’d suggest leaving the cleaning to the professionals but if you’re not convinced, here’s a few reasons why.


Chandeliers can range from very small, charming ceiling lights to grand behemoths that span down 2-3 floors of a house or building. Despite what size your chandelier is, you don’t want to be cleaning them while standing on not-so-safe chairs or stools with cleaners and products dripping down onto your face. Professional chandelier cleaners will have the appropriate tools on hand to get into any space and the right products to not only clean, but preserve your chandelier. 

Chandelier Preservation

Chandeliers can last lifetimes, often being passed down through families (fun fact: the oldest chandelier is a wheel chandelier from 11th century Germany), so making sure the products being used won’t damage the materials over a long period of time is very important. You can’t just take any surface cleaner to them! If you have a bronze, silver or copper chandelier, it will need dismantling and polishing to keep it looking good and not tarnishing, oxidising or eventually crumbling. Make sure to let your cleaner know if the chandelier is especially old so they can make sure they’re using the appropriate products. 

Get it done right!

Candle, contemporary, glass and crystal chandeliers can all be comprised of small pieces of glass, crystal, metal, etc., and can be very finicky to deal with. A professional chandelier cleaner will make sure that when they dismantle your chandelier, they’ll have microfibre towels and rags on hand to rest each of the pieces on to prevent scratching or damage. As we’ve said, chandeliers, especially tiered chandeliers, can be made up of lots of individual little and highly fragile pieces, getting them professionally cleaned means that nothing will be missed! 

You should be getting your chandelier cleaned once a year to keep it looking like new and also to keep it functioning properly. 

Our services

Elite Chandelier Services have been installing and cleaning chandeliers for over 100 years and are trusted by top brands to maintain their chandeliers. Whether you require a deep clean or a shallow clean, trust that your prized chandelier will be handled with care by our team of electricians and technical restorers.

If the crystal or glass pieces look glazed, have spots on them and no longer reflect light as they used to, it’s time to get them cleaned.

The frequency of chandelier cleaning depends on certain factors such as its age, shape, size, height and location, our friendly team are able to offer expert advice on the ideal cleaning intervals for your chandelier.

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