The Expert Chandelier Cleaning Service in London

Hotel Chandelier Cleaning Services

Specialist Hotel Chandelier Cleaning Services In London

At Elite Chandelier, we specialise in providing top-notch hotel chandelier cleaning services. Our expert team ensures your chandeliers shine and enhance the elegance of your hotel.

Our Hotel Chandelier Services

Chandelier looking dull?

Our team meticulously cleans chandeliers, ensuring they sparkle. We also offer professional restoration and repair to maintain their original beauty. Additionally, we provide safe installation and removal, load testing for safety, and winch system installation for easy maintenance. With over 100 years of experience, our expert craftsmen deliver high-quality care for your hotel chandeliers.

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Our Hotel Chandelier Services

Hotel Chandelier Cleaning

We offer meticulous hotel chandelier cleaning services to remove dust and grime. Our team handles each chandelier with utmost care, ensuring a pristine finish.

Hotel Chandelier Installation and Removal

Our safe and efficient chandelier installation and removal services are perfect for hotels. We ensure proper handling and setup, whether you’re installing new chandeliers or moving existing ones.

Hotel Chandelier Restoration and Repair

Restore your hotel’s chandeliers to their original glory with our restoration services. We repair and replace components, maintaining the integrity and beauty of your fixtures.

Hotel Chandelier Load Testing

Ensure the safety of your hotel chandeliers with our comprehensive load testing services. We provide thorough testing and certification for your peace of mind.

Why Choose Elite for Your Hotel Chandelier?

  • Over 100 years of experience in chandelier services
  • Expert craftsmen specializing in hotel chandeliers
  • Fully trained and dedicated staff
  • Commitment to quality and safety in all our services



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What Our Clients Say

Happy Clients
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“Thank you for your urgent and prompt response to remove all old winches and cable and replace at such short notice. First class job. Thank you Albert and team. Look forward to working with you again”

Ian – Building manager – Supreme Court Of United Kingdom, London

“Dear Albert, please thank your staff for such a beautiful job done in such a short time scale. Looking forwards to seeing you next year”

Anne  – House Management
Private Residence, Hampstead London

chandelier winch in action | chandelier lifting in kent and london

“Thank you for such beautiful work, we realised how difficult the lanterns were to get to.  Your staff are so efficient and precise as well as very polite and helpful”

Holland Park