chandelier cleaning

Professional cleaning for chandeliers is an important service that can help you save money and maintain the beauty of your home.

With regular professional upkeep, you won’t need to spend hours scrubbing glass or polishing brass – just schedule a time with your preferred cleaner!

Professional cleaners will arrive at your door equipped with all the tools needed to clean each part of your chandelier, often achieving a perfect clean in less than an hour.

Precision Cleaning

Most chandeliers are intricate designs with many moving parts that collect dust and grime depending on the location. Professional chandelier cleaners are practised in the safe handling of parts to prevent warping or damage. Using specialist tools they will find and clean all gaps between the glass and metal components of your chandelier.

Working at height

Chandelier cleaners are experts in working at height and have access to tools and platforms that help them reach your ceilings. For those chandeliers that are not accessible via ladders or scaffolding, you can hire a chandelier winch. This type of machinery will be operated by a trained chandelier removal team, allowing you to lower your lighting to be cleaned safely.

Safe cleaning products

Reputable pros will offer eco-friendly products that are safe for people and pets alike. They’ll also be sure not to leave any marks on nearby surfaces when they finish cleaning. This removes the worry about streaks forming on wood panelling or windowsills after they’ve gone!

We even provide customers with tips to keep their chandelier sparkling in between cleanings.

Added services

Professional chandelier cleaning companies like Elite Chandeliers often specialise in the restoration and repair of chandeliers. This is helpful if any parts are loose or need replacing as they can be identified during a professional clean.

Chandeliers are gorgeous pieces of interior decor that can easily add a touch of class to any room. Regular professional upkeep will help ensure your chandelier’s continued sparkle for years to come. To schedule in a clean or for more information get in touch.