If your chandelier is looking a little worse for wear and you have decided you would like to remove it, whether it’s to be cleaned or replaced, it’s essential that you do your research first. Removing a chandelier is no easy feat, so determine whether you are capable or not by reading this blog. 

Where to begin?

It is vital that you create a safety assessment before you even touch the chandelier. With factors such as weight, fragility, and electrical power, you wouldn’t want to cause any damage to it- especially if it is vintage. Another crucial element you need to consider is insurance. If your chandelier is very precious, we would advise that you have insurance to cover any potential damages.

How heavy are chandeliers?

Before removing any hardware you will need to ensure that the chandelier is fully supported, chandeliers can weigh as much as 400lbs or 180kg. This is not something that you would want falling on top of you, which is why safety is so important! If you don’t have the means to support your chandelier, Elite Chandeliers can help. With the option for removal, your chandelier will also be load tested and a certificate of testing will be provided, for added peace of mind.

What is load testing?

Load testing is performed to determine the optimum strength of the ceiling material against the weight of the hanging object. This is a requirement in England when installing or changing the design of a chandelier and must be certified. 

In addition to the weight of the chandelier itself, the weight of the chandelier chain must be taken into account when doing this test. It is therefore crucial that you enlist the help of professionals.

Having the right tools for the job

If your chandelier is mounted onto a higher ceiling, a professional winch system will most likely be needed to lower the extravagant piece. Do not attempt to use your average ladders as you may reach the height but will still need to carry the weight. Having the right tools makes the job a lot easier, so if you don’t have the necessary tools, leave it to the professionals. 

Electrical Safety

Unless you have previous experience managing the chandeliers’ wiring, this is also something you should leave to a professional. One mistake and you could short an entire circuit or even worse electrocute yourself. 

Now that you’re aware of the risks involved when removing a chandelier, you may choose to hire a professional to avoid the chance of injuries or damage to your delicate illuminant. If that’s the case why not call our team of experts today and receive a free quote.

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