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Load Testing for Chandeliers in Abbey Wood

Ensure the structural integrity of your chandelier installation with our reliable and essential load testing. 

Chandelier Load Testing

Our team will carefully inspect the anchorage area, recommending any strengthening measures needed – such as steel plates or beams- to guarantee a secure suspension system that can hold its weight safely.

 We’re committed to making sure everything is up to standard so you get peace of mind before hanging this important light fixture in an appropriate space!

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More Information about Chandelier Load Testing Services In Abbey Wood

Load testing is carried out to determine the maximum strength of the ceiling material against the weight of the hanging object. This is a requirement in England when installing or changing the design of a chandelier and must be certified. 

Load testing is an essential safety aspect of owning and maintaining a chandelier. without proper load testing, chandeliers can become a hazard. If the weight placed on a light fixture or connection is not appropriate, it could cause unexpected failure when in use. The structural integrity of the fixture and electrical connections may be compromised due to extra strain, resulting in serious safety risks.

Load testing allows you to determine if an existing light fixture or fixing is capable of withstanding the weight it will be subjected to. Furthermore, it can ensure that any new installations are properly fitted and safely secured.

Load testing should be done regularly when first installing a chandelier and again whenever any modifications or additions are made. Our recommendation is to have tests completed every 12 months at the minimum.

Load testing is an important safety measure that should not be overlooked when owning or installing a chandelier. It helps to protect both the safety of your home and those who live there from any potential danger. By ensuring that all chandeliers and fixings are load tested regularly, you can be sure that your lighting fixtures are in proper working order and will stay safely secure no matter how much weight is put on them.

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Employing the services of an expert chandelier company like Elite Chandeliers to load test and perhaps even install your chandelier will give you piece of mind that everything has been done to the highest standard.

We have extensive experience with all aspects of chandelier care from load testing to cleaning & restoration. If you have any specific requirements please give us a call on 0208 442 9119 or chat to us for more information. 

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