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London Chandelier Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Specialist Crystal Cleaning Services In London

We restore the sparkle and brilliance of London’s most exquisite chandeliers. Specialising in luxury and antique lighting fixtures, our chandelier cleaning service ensures that every part of your chandelier shines with its original luminosity.

Understanding the intricacies of chandelier care and maintenance, our London-based experts provide unparalleled attention to detail, preserving the elegance and value of your treasured pieces.

Chandelier Cleaning Services In London

Chandelier looking dull?

Our Comprehensive Chandelier Cleaning Services Include:

  • Detailed Inspection: Every chandelier cleaning project in London begins with a thorough inspection to tailor our approach to your fixture’s specific needs.
  • Hand Cleaning: Utilising gentle, eco-friendly solutions, our skilled technicians meticulously clean each crystal, ensuring a streak-free shine without risking damage.
  • Maintenance Checks: We go beyond cleaning, performing essential maintenance checks on wiring and fixtures to ensure the longevity and safety of your chandelier

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Expert Chandelier Cleaning and Restoration services
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Chandelier Installation & Removal
Services In London

It goes without saying that chandeliers are extremely heavy calling in a team of experts avoids the risk of you damaging your gorgeous feature. 

Specialist Crystal Chandelier installations

As a family-run business of more than 100 years, our expertise has continued through the generations. This is why we are able to offer specialist installations, with certificates for load testing. 

Chandelier Restoration & Repair Services In London

Broken Pieces? Missing glass? 

Whether its the metal work, glass, accessories or crystal pieces, call us for a restoration quote today.

Our chandelier restoration and repair services can be included in a  routine clean, or as a stand-alone service.

Don’t be disheartened if your chandelier looks beyond help. With a quick inspection and detailed plan, our craftsmen can help rebuild your chandelier back to its former glory.

Specialist Replications

With specialist methods such as glassblowing, cutting, metal fabrication, our experienced staff are able to replicate many chandelier parts.

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Chandelier Load Testing Services In London

Need Load Testing?

Load testing is carried out to determine the maximum strength of the ceiling material against the weight of the hanging object. This is a requirement in England when installing or changing the design of a chandelier and must be certified. 

The weight of the chandelier chain must be taken into account when doing this test. It is therefore vital that you recruit the assistance of professionals.

A certificate of the test will be provided to you on completion and we will notify you on when you might need to secure the safety of your chandelier.

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Your Chandelier FAQS Answered

  • A: We recommend a professional cleaning at least once every year to maintain its brilliance and functionality.”

Our unique approach combines traditional hand-cleaning techniques with modern, eco-friendly solutions, ensuring your chandeliers are not only clean but also cared for in a way that preserves their integrity and brilliance. Our team comprises experienced professionals specializing in luxury and antique chandeliers, making us a trusted choice for chandelier cleaning in London.

The duration of the cleaning process varies depending on the size, complexity, and condition of the chandelier. We strive to complete most cleaning services within a few hours, but larger or more intricate chandeliers may require more time to achieve the best results. We’ll provide a time estimate during our initial assessment

Yes, we are equipped to handle chandeliers in high ceilings or difficult-to-access areas. Our team uses safe and secure scaffolding and ladders to reach every part of your chandelier, ensuring a thorough clean regardless of its location

Safety is our top priority. Before we begin any cleaning project, we conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand the chandelier’s structure and fragility. We use only non-abrasive, chandelier-safe cleaning solutions and employ meticulous hand-cleaning techniques to prevent damage. Additionally, our team is fully insured, providing peace of mind that your valuable fixtures are protected

In most cases, we clean chandeliers in situ without the need for removal. This approach minimizes the risk of damage and is more convenient for our clients. However, for extensive restorations or if the chandelier cannot be adequately cleaned on-site, we may recommend removal and cleaning at our facility.

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“Thank you for your urgent and prompt response to remove all old winches and cable and replace at such short notice. First class job. Thank you Albert and team. Look forward to working with you again”

Ian – Building manager – Supreme Court Of United Kingdom, London

“Dear Albert, please thank your staff for such a beautiful job done in such a short time scale. Looking forwards to seeing you next year”

Anne  – House Management
Private Residence, Hampstead London

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“Thank you for such beautiful work, we realised how difficult the lanterns were to get to.  Your staff are so efficient and precise as well as very polite and helpful”

Holland Park