This used to be a cinema that had been derelict since 2008 when St Georges took over the building turned into studio flats.

The chandelier originally hung in the foyer of the cinema and was discovered later in the garage where it has at least 20 coats of paint. We restored it by removing all dead paint and scraping by hand right down to the metal, primed and 2 coats of paint were applied which we had analysed and created at great expense. The exact colour it was originally. 

We restructured the entire chandelier as it had 7 bulbs which were originally 150 watts, we rewired it to  LED bulbs to then realise that the chandelier needed more lighting, in the same structure we built 7 new lights in the same style by using old electric conduits which were on the chandelier originally.

The chandelier now hangs in the main reception of the building.