Before and after crystal chandelier is restored
  • ☑ Broken & damaged chandelier repair
  • ☑ Smoke & water-damaged antiques repair
  • ☑ Crystal & glassware repair
  • ☑ Replacement of old or damaged wiring
  • ☑ Test certificate on completion
  • ☑ Re-pinning of broken crystals
  • ☑ Metal polishing in your required finish
Cleaning Service

If the crystal or glass pieces in your chandelier look cloudy, have spots on them and no longer reflect light as they used to, it’s time to get them cleaned.

Installation & Removal

Whether you are renovating your home, relocating, or in charge of transforming a commercial property, trust that we can securely dismantle and/or fit your chandelier safely in its place.

Restore & Repair

Bring your chandelier back to its original beauty. If intricate pieces, metal parts and electric wires are loose, chipped, cracked, twisted, missing or damaged by natural wearing or environmental forces such as water, humidity or fire, get in touch to find out how we can help.

Load Testing

Load testing is performed to determine the optimum strength of the ceiling material against the weight of the hanging object. This is a safety requirement in England and could be done easily the help of professionals.

Winch Testing

A winch system is a technique designed to make high-elevation objects become easily accessible. This system allows the chandelier to be lowered and lifted by a wire rope, eliminating the need for using hazardous ladders and expensive scaffolding.

Secure Storage

Short-term and long-term storage for high value items is available in our secure facility. Do speak to us if you’d like to know more about this service or have specific storage requirements. Learn more.