a chandelier load testing device

Chandelier load testing is a must if you’re considering installing a Chandelier. You must make sure your ceiling will hold the fixture, regardless of size. It’s important that your electrical equipment and wiring are safe, which means it must be load tested by an expert chandelier company.

In order to test the load of your chandelier you need to ensure that the fitting is in contact with walls that run along two sides of the fixture, In most cases this involves fixing the chandelier to a beam or through a reinforced ceiling box.

There are several reasons for doing this test, one being safety, you must take into account that if your ceiling fails it will drop directly onto the heads of anyone below.

When load testing a chandelier you must also take into consideration the weight of the fixture and its contents.

This includes any of the hanging strap, crystals, glass or other contents that could be hanging from it such as a mirror, which can add an extra 15kg to the weight of your chandelier.

It is recommended that your chandelier be load tested every year to ensure safety and reduce the risk of fire from overloading.

Employing the services of an expert chandelier company to load test and perhaps even install your chandelier will give you piece of mind that everything has been done to the highest standard.

If you would like a chandelier load test done contact us for more information.

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