chandelier cleaning in a home

Chandeliers, in their prime, can transform a room into a luxurious and decadent area.

If the chandelier glass pieces look glazed, have spots on them or are starting to look dull, it’s time to get them cleaned

How often should a chandelier be professionally cleaned?

The frequency of chandelier cleaning depends on certain crucial factors such as the chandelier’s age, shape, size, height, and location.

Generally, we would recommend a thorough, professional clean every 6 weeks.

Why should you clean your Chandelier regulary?

Prevent damage

By cleaning your chandelier often, you are maintaining the quality and assuring that any further damage is prevented.

Keep dirt free

As chandeliers are generally a centrepiece and focal point in a room, guests will spot any dirt or injury to the chandelier instantly.

Remove dust

A simple dusting of the glass and metalwork may make improve your chandelier’s appearance, but it won’t prevent the dirt and grime from accumulating.

This is why we recommend an expert, deeper clean that will restore it to its former glory.

What is included in Chandelier Cleaning?

Elite Chandelier Services are able to offer you a proficient and in-depth service which includes,

  • The Removal of dirt and dust deposits
  • Buffing of body, frame, fitting & metal pieces
  • Replacement of light bulbs & light fittings

Using only the best cleaning products, with chandelier Winch and Load testing also available. 

cleaned chandelier

Why trust Elite Cleaning Services with Chandelier cleaning?

Our friendly team have been cleaning chandeliers for over 100 years, there is lots involved when it comes to cleaning your chandelier and we pride ourselves on not cutting corners.

As experts, we can also combine our other services such as Load testing and installation.

With over 10,000 happy customers including Harrods, Historic Royal Palaces, and The Royal Parks, be sure to contact us for a free quote today.