If you own a chandelier or are looking to purchase one, there may be a few questions on your mind. Fret not! In this blog we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about chandeliers:

What are the hanging parts of a chandelier called?

Each chandelier is composed of many elements that structurally and aesthetically make up the entire figure. Below you can see the common parts of a chandelier. However, for a more in-depth breakdown of each piece, you can find all the information here in our guide.

what are the parts of a chandelier called? | Elite Chandeliers

How do you refurbish a chandelier?

If your statement piece has lost its shine, or you’re looking to restore a classic fixture, you can take some easy steps to refurbish a chandelier. A quick clean with the right tools will transform a dull crystal chandelier in minutes. Or a more thorough clean to cut through the dust and dirt can work wonders. If you’d rather leave your light in the hands of a professional, see our guide for an insight into how your chandelier will be cleaned. Professional chandelier cleaning companies like Elite Chandeliers often specialise in the restoration and repair of chandeliers. This is helpful if any parts are loose or need replacing as they can be identified during a professional cleaning.

Why would a chandelier stop working?

If your chandelier has stopped working, it is more than likely an electrical problem. To avoid any nasty shocks, call an experienced electrician who will be able to service the fixture and fix a blown fuse, or replace a wire. If your chandelier is considerably large and weighted, we would recommend calling in professionals who will be able to lower the chandelier for more straightforward repairs

Are chandeliers out of style?

What do you think of when you think about a chandelier? Probably a large, antique, crystal behemoth in an old rich person’s house? Nevertheless, chandeliers are not outdated. As style has changed throughout the years, so have chandeliers. If traditional is not your taste, there is a plethora of contemporary fixtures that will still leave you in awe. For more reassurance, read our blog for more inspiration. 

What is the point of a chandelier?

A chandelier in its simplest form is a light fixture, hung in the centre of a room to add ambiance and decor. While most commonly placed in dining rooms, they can be hung anywhere to create a grand statement. If your living room or hallway is lacking lustre, why not zhuzh up the entire room with a stunning chandelier? To see some excellent examples of statement chandeliers, check out this article

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