High-value items are often family heirlooms, likely passed down over the generations. Treasures include anything from small antiques to items like furniture and chandeliers. These items are sometimes considered priceless to the owner and this means preserving them for generations to come.

So how can you make sure your items are safe and sound? Antique storage is just one option, but what does this involve?

Before you start

Firstly If your item is valuable enough to be stored it is valuable enough to be insured. If you haven’t already done so, it is a great idea to photograph each item. Make sure to keep these at your disposal along with any receipts or certifications. This gives great peace of mind if you were to need proof of an item’s condition or value.

Find Storage

Find an appropriate place to store your antique or chandelier, some storage provides will only cater for smaller items. If you need to store a larger antique then you will need to review your options depending on the size of your valuables.

Some companies specifically cater for different types of items. You may wish to use a service relevant to what you are storing, for example, a chandelier restoration company is a great place to store a chandelier. They are experts in removing and handling chandeliers and they will also have the specific storage required to keep it safe.

Important Factors

Reputable storage facilities will be temperature-controlled and under 24/7 security, the temperature control is extremely important, temperature variables can drastically affect certain materials so this must be a factor in your decision when storing.

Moving your Chandelier or Antique

Smaller items can be transported yourself and depending on the value you may wish to arrange security to accompany you. Larger items like furniture and chandeliers will require capable transportation and possible dismantling so it’s worth checking with your storage provider to see if they can help with this.

At Elite Chandeliers we have expert handlers who can to safely remove your chandelier. We offer secure storage in our temperature-controlled unit, and can also house smaller antiques if required.

If you would like to discuss any of our storage options please get in touch.